Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy wc 6th February

We will be using the blocks to create their own structures and showing an interest in different shapes by

  • Using different blocks and bricks to create structures
  • Junk modelling our own structures
  • Shape recognition and matching

Could you please bring in any spare items which could be used for junk modelling

Knowledge and Understanding of the World wc 13th February

We will be encouraging the children to show an interest in others and their families by

  • Making family books
  • Identifying each others baby photos
  • Inviting our grandparents and parents for tea

Could you please bring in any photos for the children’s family books and any baby photos of your child

Physical Development wc 20th February

The children will be learning to gradually gain control of their bodies and negotiate the space around them, moving spontaneously within the available space by

  • Walking to the Pines School to practice our evacuation route, we will also be visiting the foundation stage while we are there
  • Building our own obstacle course
  • Dancing using streamers and scarves

Creative Development wc 27th February

We will be make believing by pretending and using the available resources to create props to support our play by

  • Dressing up
  • Making a den or cosy corner
  • Changing the home corner to something that the children choose

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