June Planning

Physical Development W/c 6 June

The children will be

  • Pedalling on the bikes
  • Practicing  putting on their own clothes and shoes
  • Using scissors

Creative Development W/c 13 June

  • We will be encouraging the children to create sounds by banging, shaking, tapping and blowing different musical instruments
  • Using other resources to find out what sounds their create
  • Copying a favourite song or rhyme by taping along

Personal, Social and Emotional Development W/c 20 June

We will be encouraging the children to make choices that involve the children challenging themselves and developing confidence in their own abilities by

  • Finding and fetching their own coats
  • Putting on their own coats
  • Playing on an obstacle course

Communication, Language and Literacy W/c 27 June

The children will be

  • Playing silly soup rhyme’s, using rhyming and opposite words
  • Reading lots of stories
  • Using their manners at meal times

Please could the children bring in their favourite book 

We will be walking to the local shops in June.

Everyone in the Chipmunks would like to wish Molly and Thomas happy 3rd birthday’s in June and wish Elliot, Molly and Thomas all the best with their move to the Racing Raccoons and welcoming Madison, Bryony, Jack, Keira and Liyana to the room.


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