Knowledge and Understanding of the World W/c 3rd October

The children will be learning about the environment around them by playing with the small world toys and talking about where they live and also

  • Creating their own town from junk modelling.
  • Taking a walk around the local area to look at the different types of buildings and transport.
  • Making a jungle in the messy tray.

Could the children bring in any items which could be used for junk modelling.

Physical Development W/c 10th October

We will be developing our control when holding different tools for instance whisks, hammers etc and using tools and materials for a particular purpose by

  • Cutting with scissors.
  • Cooking.
  • Using the camera.

Creative Development W/c 17th October

The children will be using their imagination in lots of role play activities and using the available resources to support this play and also

  • Dressing up.
  • Turning the home corner into a grocers.
  • Making their own train and aeroplane.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development W/c 24th October

The children will be seeking to share their experiences with others and to respond to the feelings of others by

  • Making a book of our favourite things and experiences.
  • Show and Tell.
  • Making an emotions book.

Could the children please bring in their favourite object from home.

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