Personal, Social and Emotional Development wc 30th January

This week the children will be

  • Becoming aware of themselves as separate from others, singing songs or making up rhymes about the children’s body parts, focusing on the children’s heads
  • Looking at ourselves in the mirror and talking about our eyes, ears etc
  • Older children and our siblings visiting

Communication, Language and Literacy wc 6th February

This weeks activities will include

  • Baby signing, we will show pictures and tell the children what they are and encourage the children to pick their own pictures of what they want
  • One to one story time
  • Sitting together and looking at our story bag

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy wc 13th February

This week the children will be

  • Using the shape sorters
  • Hide and seek with objects to see if the children can find them
  • Playing with puzzles

Knowledge and Understanding of the World wc 20th February

This weeks activities will include

  • Exploring different textures for example sand, fir cones etc
  • Salt painting feeling the different textures
  • Trying to rip different textures for example tin foils

Everyone in the Cubs would like to wish Dylan a very Happy 1st Birthday in February

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