August Planning

Personal, Social and Emotional Development W/c 1 August

We will be helping the children learn about boundaries and starting to understand consequences by

  • Circle time discussion
  • Rules board with pictures and words
  • Adult role play

Knowledge and Understanding of the World W/c 8 August

We will be

  • Visiting the library with the children and encouraging the older children to use the resources for information
  • Visiting South Hill to research pirates
  • Making models of pirate ships

Physical Development W/c 15 August

We will be encouraging the older children to increase their knowledge on safety and encourage our younger to follow the safety rules by

  • Inviting a policeman into the nursery
  • Role playing in the garden
  • Discussing what they have learnt during circle time

Creative Development W/c 22 August

We will be encouraging the younger children to play alongside each other and the older children to act out story lines.

  • Taking the children on a visit to a school
  • Turn the room into a school
  • Playing teachers in the home corner

Everyone in the Racing Raccoons would like to say goodbye and good luck to Olivia, David, Mia, Molly, Ashton, Toby and Ada we hope that you all have great fun at your new schools and pre schools. And wish Katie a very happy 4th birthday and Ewan a very happy 3rd birthday in August.

Kay will be on holiday between 12 and 19 August.


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