This month’s activities will include

Area Covered Activities Extending   activity at home Anything to bring into nursery
Prime Area Inside Outside
Personal, social and emotional   development
Carrying out individual personal hygiene Brushing teeth

Hand washing

Washing their face


Bathing the dolls in the messy tray

Digging in the mud patch and then talking about when hands need washing

Singing the hand washing songs

Allowing bath time to be more independent

Physical development Developing balance Obstacle course

Balancing beams

Communication and language
Extending vocabulary What’s that sound game Using different tones of voice

Going on a walk to listen to different sounds

Asking questions about what they have done at nursery
Specific area
Literacy Looking at our own names

Writing our names

Recognising the letters in our names

Making sound sacks

Singing Christmas songs

Exploring letters on the chalk board Encouraging the use of pencils

Talking about the letters in the children’s names

Mathematics Counting individual objects

Looking at number puzzles

Playing hop scotch

Singing counting songs

Going on a number walk, to see what we can see

Counting items around the home
Understanding the world Listening to Christmas stories

Singing Christmas songs

Talking about our families and where we live

Using the magnifying glasses Talking about family members

Talking about places you have lived

Expressive arts and design Exploring sounds and how sounds can change e.g. whispering, shouting,   echo’s

Tapping and repeating sounds

Using building blocks to explore construction Tapping tunes using different surfaces at home

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