Knowledge and Understanding of the World wc 30th January

We will be developing the children’s awareness of Health and Safety within the nursery environment by

  • Going on a walk around the nursery to look at the different signs
  • Looking at safety campaigns aimed at children on the Internet
  • Creating our own traffic light safety system
  • Talking about dangers within the room during group time for example running, spillages, pushing and fingers being trapped in doors

Physical Development wc 6th February

We will be using different equipment and materials to achieve a desired outcome by

  • Using real life objects as live art for the children to draw
  • A cutting activity using a range of soft and hard materials to cut
  • Making different types of dough with the children and allowing them to explore it

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy wc 13th February

We will be learning to categorise objects according to their properties e.g their size by

  • Playing sorting games within small groups
  • Playing Kym’s game – using groups of objects which the children need to identify and categorise
  • Going on a walk to look for different shapes in the environment and taking pictures of them

Personal, Social and Emotional Development wc 20th February

We will be developing the children’s confidence and involvement by having small and large group times by

  • Playing a rhythm games in small groups
  • Introducing good morning time, where children introduce them self to the room
  • Playing group games outside e.g hide and seek, tag etc



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