Angela and Perry’s key children’s planning

Personal, social and emotional development 

The children will be focusing on

  • Developing self confidence and self awareness
  • Making memory sticks and self portraits
  • Expressing own preferences and interests
  • Describing self in positive terms

Could you please bring in photos of your child

Physical development

The children will be focusing on

  • Beginning to be independent in own self care
  • Observing the effects of activities on their bodies
  • Practising for Sports Day
  • Turning the home corner into a hairdressers
  • Floor painting with water

Communication and language

The children will be focusing on

  • Road safety
  • Watching hoof and safety on the computer
  • Making our own road signs and traffic lights
  • Going on a walk to look at different road sign


  • Alphabet soup
  • Musical paper plates


  • Sorting by characteristics e.g. shape, size colour

Understanding the world

  • Taking photos of our favourite outdoor items to create our own display

Expressive arts and design

  • Making mud faces on trees

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