Prime area

Personal, social and emotional development

  • Enjoying the responsibility of carrying out small tasks
  • Showing affection and concern for others
  • Discussing our feelings

Could you please bring in any family photographs

  • Games encouraging children to move freely and in a variety of movements
  • Looking at the letters in our names and using boards to create what we see
  • Talking about hand hygiene

Communication and language

  • Using talking to connect ideas and adding role play
  • Focusing attention

Specific area


  • Talking to the children about their choices


  • Counting things that aren’t objects for example how many steps we take
  • Filling and emptying containers, filtering liquids and recognising more and less

Understanding the world

  • Talking about the growth of plants, fruit and vegetables
  • Talking about winter vegetables

Expressive arts and design

  • Exploring colours and mixing colours together
  • Talking about light and dark, daytime and night time

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