Creative Development W/c 3rd October

The younger children will be joining in with ring games and dancing while the older children will begin to learn how to move rhythmically by

  • Playing ring games.
  • Making musical instruments.
  • Having a disco.

Could you bring in any resources which could be used for junk modelling.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development W/c 10th October

The younger children will be learning how to express their needs and feelings in an appropriate way and the older children will be learning to have an awareness of the feelings of others by

  • Using emotion puppets.
  • Doing lots of role play.
  • Discussing feelings during circle time.

Could you bring in any old socks or gloves and scrap material to decorate them with.

Communication, Language and Literacy W/c 17th October

The younger children will be making marks with a range of tools and the older children will be forming recognisable letters by

  • Flour marking.
  • Painting without a brush.
  • Using flash cards and forming letter of their own name.

Could the children please bring in an object which they can paint with.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World W/c 24th October

We will be encouraging the children to show an interest in the local community by

  • Visiting the library to help us with our project book.
  • Looking at and then making our own maps.
  • Discussing what we have done during circle time.

Everyone in the Racing Raccoons would like to wish Ethan Salter a very Happy 3rd Birthday in October.

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