Racing Raccoons April Planning

Personal, Social and Emotional Development W/c 4 April

We will be looking at taking pleasure in our own personal hygiene including toileting and showing confidence when mixing with other children. We will do this by

  • Talking about and making posters about toileting
  • Decorating the toilet area with our favourite objects
  • Visiting different rooms and talk to the other children to build out confidence

Communication, Language and Literacy W/c 11 April

We will be trying to learn new words and use them in a sentence so that we can communicate matters that interest us with others. We will do this by

  • Talking about our interests during group time
  • Acting out our favourite characters during role play
  • Making props for story sacks

Please come in dressed in your favourite outfit on Wednesday and bring in family photos.

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy W/c 18 April

We will be using blocks to create our own simple structures and arrangements and matching shapes by recognising similarities.

  • Building structures of our own choice with the big blocks
  • Playing matching games
  • Junk modeling
  • Using shape puzzles

Please bring in your own puzzles.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World W/c 25 April

We will be encourage talking about  and describing what we see and using ICT to perform simple functions

  • Going on a walk to the local park to look at the scenery
  • Exploring the different computer functions and how they work
  • Using the keyboard to help with recognising letters

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