Racing Raccoons May Planning

Personal, Social and Emotional Development W/c 2 May

Our activities will include

  • Making a collage
  • Body painting
  • Role Play

These activities will help the younger children in the room to feel pride in their own achievements and help the older children to increase their confidence in new situations.

Please could you bring in any materials which we could use for junk modelling.

Communication, Language and Literacy W/c 9 May

Our activities will include

  • Reading stories together
  • Playing board games
  • Making our own book of our favourite story

 These activities will help the younger children respond to simple instructions and promote attentive listening in the older children.

Please could the children bring in their favourite book.

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy W/c 16 May

This weeks activities will include

  • Sorting and matching games
  • Number songs
  • Creating a shop in the home corner

We will be encouraging the younger children to use their number language and the older children to put objects into equal groups.

Please bring in any number games which you may have.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World W/c 23 May

Our activities for this area will include

  • Looking at the children’s growth cycle
  • Making a family tree
  • Going for a walk to buy seeds to grow our own vegetables in the garden

This will encourage the younger children to show an interest in how things happen and allow the older children to explain their own knowledge.

Please could the children bring in any pictures of them as a baby and toddler and any small trays or pots which you have. 

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