Bead Threading in the Two Year Old Check

Following on from our parent information evening on Learning at Nursery, Learning at Home I said I would respond to some questions on the content of this health check and how we support this at nursery.  We had a great discussion on how we work with you on this developmental check at nursery, especially on why bead threading is included as an item.

I have looked into this, and also spoken to our Early Years Advisor, and so I wanted to come back and update you.  The check that the Health Visitor team use is fixed and a statutory test.  It doesn’t however match up with the developmental norms we look for in a typical two year old with our own statutory guidance.  Not only that but the resources that you can buy for threading tend to be for 3+ with only one or two suitable for 2+ which adds to this reflection (the bits are small and could be a choking hazard).  Therefore on balance the message is not to worry; it is only one item of the check, and not something that we even look for at this stage of development.

We hope that this helps you.

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