Bouncing Bears and Playful Pups: This week and next

All this week we have been getting ready for the Easter Bonnet Parade and garden party celebrating the Royal Wedding, St Georges Day and the Queen’s birthday. We made some bunting to decorate the garden using paint, glitter, glue and sequins.

The children also made rice crispie cakes for the tea party, they all sat together at the table and took it in turn to stir the mixture in the bowl. The children used their fine motor skills stirring the mixture and a pincer grip when they picked up the raisins to add to the bowl. They all got to taste the mixture and all really enjoyed asking for more!

Some of next weeks activities will be focusing on the children’s physical development by

  • Playing parachute games
  • Building an obstacle course in the top garden
  • Going for a walk on Tuesday to look at the flowers

Is there anything to bring in:  Sun hats and family photos for our family books.

Shirley will be off on Wednesday and will be replaced by Krysten.

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