Bouncing Bears and Playful Pups

Last week we made skittles from plastic water bottles, the children used their pincer grips to pick up pieces of dried pasta and then put it in the bottles, they concentrated really hard to make sure they got the pasta in the bottle. Once the bottles were filled up  we set them out to play the game, they used the football to try and know then down, some threw the ball while others kicked it. The children took it in turns to play, all week the children played the game, either pointing or asking for the skittles and ball. By today the children have got really good at knocking all 5 skittles down.

Everyone in the Bears and Pups would like to wish Akhil and Isla happy 2nd birthdays.

To see what the Playful Pups and Bouncing Bears have planned next week, please take a look at June’s planning

Could the children please bring in their Wellington boots so they can jump in the puddles.

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