Playful Pups and Bouncing Bears: This week and next

This week we have been doing lots of messy activities, which the children have really enjoyed as they can use their imagination and do exactly what they want. We painted using brushes and our hands and used our whole bodies when playing with the gak some children even sat on it! Then we played with different coloured water, pouring and mixing it. All of these activities encouraged the children to use both their fine and gross motor skills and lots of hand eye co-ordination.

Next weeks activities will be focusing on the children’s personal, social and emotional development by

  • Looking at their family and friends photographs, pointing to them and saying who they are
  • Looking at changes for example watching ice cubes melt in a tray
  • Making our own choices at snack time

Is there anything to bring in: More photo’s of the children’s family and friends.

Alison will be off next week and will be replaced by Jenny.

Everyone in the Bears and Pups would like to wish happy 2nd birthday’s to Megan, Bryony, Jack and Keira.

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