Tai-Chi at a day nursery?

We’ve all settled well into our rooms after our Christmas break. Both the new and the old children of the Bouncing Bears and Playful Pups are all getting on well, enjoying the company of each other and the free flow between the rooms. I want to tell you a bit about Tai-Chi, for some of the children it was their first time experience as well as for me.

Steve, our Tai-Chi teacher, puts a CD on with very calming music, for any of you who have watched Waybala it would be the same. He then gets the children to do a variety of moves, from swinging their arms to standing on one leg stretching their arms up. He talks very softly to the children and the children really respond well to this. When the session is finished the children all sit on the floor and get a sticker.

We’ve doing this for a few weeks now and Tai-Chi has helped the children in all areas of development, by joining in together, using their imagination, communicating in different ways and it helps to develop their co-ordination skills along with their concentration. But above all they all have fun.

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