Cheeky Chipmunks: This week and next

This week’s activities have all gone really well the children especially enjoyed the gruffalo tea, we watched the gruffalo and read the gruffalo story as well. We also played musical bumps when we joined up with the Raccoons.

Next week’s activities include focusing on our Personal, Social and Emotional development by

  • Looking at and talking about our emotions
  • Singing songs such as ‘If your happy and you know it’ and ‘Sandy bay’
  • Making a book of emotions

Is there anything to bring: Photo’s for our family books and empty toilet roll tubes. Could all personal items which you bring into the nursery please be named.
Becca will be moving rooms into the Pups on 28th and will be replaced by Hayley.

Everyone in the Chipmunks would like to say goodbye to Stacy and wish her well in her new job.

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