Cheeky Chipmunks: This week and next

This week the children have been involved in lots of creative play, they have made May Poles and have been busy preparing their gifts for Father’s Day. These activities have provided the children with the chance to explore a wide range of creative media, not only have they been able to experience different colours but different textures as well.

Next week we will be focusing on the children’s personal, social and emotional development by

  • creating dens and shelters
  • using role play in the home corner for example turning it into a shop, hospital and airport
  • looking at story sacks with props

Is there anything to bring in: Any margarine tubs, cereal boxes or unwanted grocery tubs that would be suitable for the children to use in a shop. Any old travel brochures and spare photographs or ones which we can copy of your children on holiday.

Everyone in the Chipmunks would like to say a sad goodbye and good luck to Tiffany who is leaving us next Friday. 

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