Room Merge Trial

As you know we have been trialling a room merge between the Chipmunks and the Raccoons by removing the doors that separate the two rooms. We feel that this has gone very well and as a consequence we are in the final stages of permanently joining the two to form one room. We now have only one of each learning area in each side of the room which gives the children more space to move freely between activities, this also works particularly well if an area is very popular with the children that day as there is space for everyone to join in!

We have a few more changes to make that we will carry out over the Christmas break and into the New Year that will involve moving some displays, repositioning the Chipmunks sink into the Raccoons and installing a changing unit in the Raccoons. We will also be having the decor refreshed and new floor installed throughout the room. Although we are making some physical changes to the room, your child’s care and their keyperson will remain the same.

The final hurdle will be deciding on a new name for the room as it will no longer be the Chipmunks and the Raccoons! We would love to hear your ideas for a new name, the only criteria is that it fits with the other rooms names, which are all named after a native American animal in keeping with The Teepee theme!

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