Trial merging of the Chipmunks and Racoons Rooms

You might have noticed some changes at the nursery that we are trialling this month; by merging the Chipmunks and Raccoons rooms together.

During October we want to understand if there are any benefits of merging these two areas.   We’ve started it slowly by taking the doors off between rooms to start to get the children used to the change and this week we are zoning the rooms so they work as one large space with no duplication of activities. This action came out of the recent audits we’ve undertaken over the summer.  We hope this will give the children more space and variety, as we are minimising duplication. We will trial and refine this during October and will be asking the children for their feedback, observing their play and asking your opinion.

Please do let us know what you think.

Also during this time you’ll meet Charlotte who is the Early Years Professional and Deputy Manager from our Reading nursery, The Wigwam. Charlotte has come over to offer her support to the pre-school room.

We are keen to see how this all works and if we move ahead with it or not on a permanent basis, whatever is decided we know we will have learnt something’s about how the children are playing and learning, so as people like to say “watch this space!”

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