Did you Know the Importance of Entering your Childs Play Area?

It isn’t totally unknown that parents and nursery practitioners working in partnership together helps children develop further.  But did you know there is 1 simple thing that you can do daily that will enable us to work closer?  Entering your child’s play area at the end of each day.

Something as simple as this can help us build better relationships with each-other which has a huge impact on your child. There are also many other positive outcomes from doing this such as:

  • You get to see all the beautiful artwork that the children have enjoyed spending time creating.
  • You get to see any new resources we may have within the room
  • The end of the day doesn’t feel quite so rushed, helping you and your child to feel more relaxed
  • You get to be kept up to date with all the nursery news and future nursery events

We all know that taking off long winter boots can be quite a chore so why not make use of  the over shoes we have situated to the left of the baby room doors and come inside.

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