Wanted!!! Old Things that You Might Have at Home?

At the nursery we are looking forward to spring with its longer days and want to reinvigorate our baby garden for the new season ahead. We are excited as we already have a number of things on order for instance a wooden sensory panel and an outdoor wicker cosy pod.
To supplement these we would also like to make a couple of outdoor mobiles/wind chimes and wondered if you could help? If you have any of the items below that you don’t want lying around at home please could you bring them in? We would love to upcycle them over the coming weeks and you could see what has become of them!

Our ‘shopping’ list includes –
1. A couple of bike wheels
2. Old CDs
3. Anything metal
a. Old cutlery
b. Old saucepans
c. Metal cogs
d. Metal keys
e. Anything else along these lines ie clanky or shiny or similar!

We also want to make more dens and cosy areas and so any old flat sheets and blankets that are still in good condition (not frayed for instance) would also be a fantastic addition to our room and outside space.

We really hope that we might be able to re-use any of these things you may have lying around…. We would be so happy to take them off your hands!

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