Age Groups & Stages

We cater for babies from six weeks up to pre-school age children following the Early Years Foundation Stage. The age groups and rooms outlined below are a rough guideline to the structure of our nursery as we focus more on the child as an individual than on fixed age bands.


At this age it is all about settling into nursery life (for your baby) and back into work life (for you). The pace is slow and relaxed, allowing each child to settle into their own routine and form a bond with their keyperson. Our dedicated team are in tune with your child’s needs and development, and carefully plan activities to encourage the next developmental milestone, whether that is practising their pincer grip at meal times, or climbing a mountain (well, our soft play!).

We follow the baby-led weaning method of introducing food. There are numerous benefits: it encourages the development of facial muscles, which helps talking; children tend not to become fussy eaters as they have been given the choice from the beginning; and there is no time-consuming blending!

Cuddly Cubs Room

Cuddly CubsIn the Cuddly Cubs we can take up to nine babies from as young as six weeks and into their first year.

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These children are always on the go, curious learners who are eager to experience everything at nursery. We make sure that there’s lots going on and encourage the children to try different activities. There is always plenty to choose from, whether it’s playdough or water, giant building blocks or the art easel, books or the home corner.

Bouncing Bears Rooms

Bouncing BearsWe have two large and spacious nursery rooms which can accommodate 15 children.

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Here we begin your child’s preparation for school, gradually easing them into more structured activities. The pre-school environment is rich with words and numbers and we help the children to recognise and understand the value of these symbols. Our trained team follow the Letters and Sounds programme, introducing children to the sounds of letters of the alphabet using fun and engaging games. Children move freely between the inside and the outside, which encourages different types of play.

Pouncing Panthers Room

Pouncing PanthersEarly Learning is not just a preparation for school but a grounding for life and we feel privileged to offer this support to your child.

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