Marwell Zoo Trip – Thursday 8th June – Final Parent Update

After lots of extensive planning, organising and risk assessing, we have finally arrived at the week of our trip to Marwell Zoo!  The team are really excited to take the children on the trip and they’ve all been busy getting ready.  The practitioners have been busy last week carrying out plenty of animal related activities.

We have now finalised our plan for the day:

8:00 -8:30 – Breakfast at the nursery

8:30 – Car seat fitting and equipment loaded on the coach

8:45 – Children strapped into their car seats on the coach

9:00 – Final head count and checks – Leave nursery

10.15 – Arrive at Marwell Zoo exit the coach

10:30 – Snack at picnic area at entrance to park whilst Charlotte organises tickets at the gate

10.45 – Enter the park

11-12.30 – Walk around the park in 2 groups covering the wild explorers section of the park

12-13:00   Lunch both groups meet at Café Graze picnic area

13-14.30 – Walk around the park in 2 groups to cover the top area of the park

14.30 – Snack at picnic hut at Fur, Feathers and Scales

15:00 – Walk around the park in 2 groups covering last enclosures on the way back down the park to the exit

4pm – Back to coach, strap children in to seats, final headcount and checks

5pm – Arrive back at nursery for tea

Car Seat fitting and travelling on the coach:

We would prefer you to fit your child’s seat onto the coach but understand that this may not be possible with your work schedule. If you would like your car seat fitted onto the coach by a Manager, please let a team member know so that you can sign our permission form for this, we will also take a photo of the car seat fitted in your car.

If you child suffers from travel sickness, and you have not already let us know, please let us know immediately.

Planning for the weather:

Please dress your child accordingly for the weather on the day, in light, layers clothing.  At the moment we are forecast some rain, so rain coats will be needed.  Please choose footwear for your child that is sturdy enough to do walk all day in (except for smaller toddlers), trainers or enclosed shoes are preferable to sandals please. Please pack a sun hat just in case we are graced with some sunshine!


Tor will be providing us with a lovely picnic lunch as well as morning and afternoon snacks.  There will be plenty for the team, children and parents who are joining us for the day to eat; there will be plenty to go round.  If you are coming on the trip with us and prefer to pack your own please be aware we have a no nuts policy and we do have a child with us with a nut allergy.


The Bears team and children will be making their way around the park together and will be seated in triple pushchairs.  The Panther’s team and children will be together as a group and the children will be on walkodiles. The children will only come out of the pushchairs or off the walkodile at meal times or for toileting.

Parents joining us on the trip:

We are delighted that you are able to come with us on this trip.  We would like to politely let you know that you will be sole charge for your child.  This is to avoid any confusion and will help our practitioners to complete their headcounts and ensure responsibility for the children in their ratio and care.  Please could you help us to achieve this by not asking the practitioners to help you with your child, we have calculated our ratio’s on the basis that you will be responsible for your child.  You are welcome to access all of our kit we are taking including first aid, water, cups, nappies, wipes, sun cream and everything else we are taking, as well as share our picnic food.  We ask that you only take photos of your own child please.  We’ll be taking plenty of photos of all the children together and will upload these to the ILD and Facebook for everyone to see using parent permissions accordingly.

If you have any other questions, please ask Nicole and Charlotte and we will be happy to help.

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