Case of Scarlet Fever in the Cats

What is it?

Scarlet Fever is caused by bacteria (streptococci) and is characterized by a rash.

How do I know if someone has it?

The main symptoms include a nasty sore throat and fever. The rash is a fine, raised red rash (feels like sandpaper) which disappears momentarily when pressed. It appears most commonly on the neck, chest, under the arms, elbows and inner thighs.

Is it infectious?

Yes, to close contacts of the patient and rarely by indirect contact through objects or hands.

What is the incubation period?

Short, usually 1-7 days, rarely longer.

Is there any treatment?

Yes, antibiotics.

What should I do if someone has the illness?

Arrange for them to see a doctor.

Period the child should be kept away from nursery?

The child can return 24 hours after commencing appropriate antibiotic treatment.
However, so as to minimise the further spread of infection at nursery and the overall amount of time children spend away, we may decide to exclude children, if more cases are diagnosed. The manager on duty will make this decision.

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