Independence in the Pre-School (Panthers Cats)

In the Pre-School we place a great emphasis on building a strong sense of independence and self-esteem in our children. There are constant opportunities throughout each day for the children to gain independence and practice their life skills. Our room layout encourages the children to access many resources that they need themselves for example; mirrors, tissues, their cups and water jugs and bins for the children to take some charge of their own hygiene and health and most of our resources are labelled and accessible. The children are encouraged to use these resources and the practitioner’s support them to gradually develop their own self-awareness, choices and independence.

At meal times, the children find their seats by recognising their personal place mats and drink labels and end their meals by wiping their own faces and hands in front of a mirror, and clearing their plates. Our practitioners offer support to each individual child depending on personal development.

We also encourage independence by supporting children in self-dressing, hand washing and toileting using child level sinks and toilets.

Lastly, when the children enter the Panthers, they can self-register by finding their picture and putting it on the board. Please encourage and support your child to do this when arriving and leaving the Nursery. This is a part of the children’s routine which we would like to ensure is consistent every day. This helps to support their independence and feelings of self-belonging.

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