Joining the Kittens and the Cats Room

The children in the Kittens have shown a big interest in the Cats room and have been entering through the Cats door to play in that room. So as we aim to listen to the children’s voices and their choices, we will be trialling having the 2 rooms combined to see how this goes. The benefit to all children will be that they are able to access a larger amount of play space along with more resources. We think this is going to work well but will monitor during the trial to see what is working and what isn’t. To aid the trial and get a true picture of whether it works or not, we will be moving around some of the furniture, we will do this tomorrow and so things will look different when you collect your child Tuesday evening. Please can we ask you only to use the door to the Cats room to drop off or collect your child. The Kittens door will be out of use due to the quiet corner that will be set up for the children near to the door.

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