Panto Visit 2017 – Update

Please note that the cost of this trip (including 1 ticket, transport and a treat at the Theatre) will be £15, which will be added to your January invoice.

We are currently busy planning this years panto visit to South Hill Park. All of the Cats children (together with those Kittens who we feel would be able to both cope with and enjoy the experience) will be going to see Beauty and The Beast on Tuesday 19th December at 10:15am.

All Cats children in nursery that day (and Kittens whose parents have been emailed today) will be taken to the performance, unless we hear otherwise from you.

We will be travelling to South Hill Park on the bus and using the walkodiles and request for all children attending to be at nursery by 9am on the 19th as we will be leaving at 9:15am prompt.  When you have 5 minutes, please pop on to the Parent Portal to ensure that you have given permission for your child to walk on a walkodile/holding hands and to use Public transport.

If you have any queries with regards to the trip (or do not want your child to attend), please either speak to a member of the room team or email



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