Pouncing Panthers Room Rules

We have been exploring how we manage our emotions and behaviour with the children and along the way, started to work on lots of ways to become more independent. You may have noticed that the room layout looks very slightly different over the last couple of weeks. This is all to help the children become more independent; as we have laid out the room slightly differently to help the children feel success when tidying it up and create a better “flow” around the room space. We will continue to support and observe the children.

At the same time we have agreed some room rules or ways we want to behave and be at nursery and I wanted to share them with you. This is to help us all do the same things at home and nursery, giving the children a consistent message. These rules are quite simple and we very much hope you agree with them.

We look after ourselves
• we say if we are happy or sad
• we wash our hands before we eat
• we wash our hands after we go to the toilet
• we try our best to put our coat and shoes on
• we wipe our noses and wash our hands
• we walk indoors and run, if we want, outside
We look after each other
• we take turns to do jobs
• we take turns and share our toys
• we listen to each other
• we always try our best to be nice to our friends and try to say sorry if we don’t
• we use small voices inside and loud voices outside
We look after our toys and nursery
• we tidy up our toys before we get new ones out
• we tidy up before meals and before we go home
• we flush the chain, wash our hands, turn off the tap and put the towels in the bin after we have used the toilet

These rules are quite simple and we very much hope you agree with them. You will see displays and posters going up around the room to remind the children. Reinforcing these rules at home will strengthen your child’s independence, and will continue to be a great positive model for your child. If you have any feedback on these, please let Leanna, Lauren or any of the other room team know.

Once we have begun to re-establish these rules we will introduce an emotions tree for the children for them to share how they are feeling.

Please do let us know what you think and thank you for your help and support once more.


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