Racing Raccoons: This week and next

This week the children have been engaging in role play and have shown a keen interest in the home corner. During our group time we have been focusing on our family and working on our confidence in communicating with others in group time. We have also been talking about past and present events and special events which have happened. The children have been visiting the children in the other rooms and have been showing concern for the children.

They have also showed a keen interest in creative play so we made princess hats and prince crowns and turned our home corner into a castle.

Next week Kay’s children will be exploring their Knowledge and Understanding of the World by

  • Making a volcano
  • Using magnifying glasses
  •  Growing cress

Next week Kirtsy’s children will be looking at their Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy development by

  • Building
  • Exploring outside for different types of shapes
  • Creating lots of junk modeling

Is there anything to bring in: Any pots for junk modeling

Have a lovely weekend

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