Racing Raccoons: This week and next

This week the children have been really engaged with their imaginative play, which we have been able to move outside as the weather has turned warmer. We have been able to make the activities bigger by moving them outside we have built a castle on the slide and made a pirate ship and painted our faces like pirates.

Some of next weeks activities include focusing on our communication, language and literacy by trying to learn new words and use them in a sentence so that we can communicate matters that interest us with others. We will do this by

  • Talking about our interests during group time
  • Acting out our favourite characters during role play
  • Making props for story sacks

Special Events: The photographers are at the nursery on Tuesday, please bring in clothes that you would like your child to be photographed in. If your child does not attend this day you are welcome to bring them in to have their photo taken but you must be able to stay will them while you wait.

 The Toddle Waddle will be taking place on Friday afternoon and we will all be walking to the park, the theme this year is animals, please come dressed as your favourite animal if you would like.


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