Racing Raccoons: This week and next

This week the children have shown an interest in sock puppets and we have carried on this interest by each of the children making their own sock puppet. They have also been really engaged with role play so we have been acting out the role of doctors and nurses.

Next week we will be focusing on the children’s communication, language and literacy by

  • encouraging the children to respond to simple instructions
  • reading stories together
  • playing board games
  • making our own books of our favourite stories

Is there anything to bring in:  If you have any old socks, tights, buttons, clothes and fake eyelashes please could you bring them in.

Kirsty will be off on Friday and will be replaced by Jenny.

Everyone in the Raccoons would like to say goodbye to Kirsty as it is her last day in the Raccoons on Thursday and Heather whose last day at the nursery is Thursday.

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