Racing Raccoons Weekly Round Up

This week the Raccoons have been making their stick men to use at the allotment, the children have also helped Angela to make a scarecrow.

The children have shown an interest in hunting for things this week so in the garden we have also been on a hunt looking for shapes and colours, and on the computer the Raccoons have really enjoyed the Winnie the Pooh games.

Our termly meetings are running next week, please speak to Angela or Perry if you would like to make an appointment.

The Raccoons would like to wish Akhil and Isla very Happy 4th Birthday’s this weekend. And would like to say goodbye to Kym who left us this week.

The photographer will be at the nursery on Wednesday to take some photos for future artwork, if you are interested in your child being included in the photos please speak to Angela and Perry. For further details please see our news item.

We will be holding our Leavers Party on 12th July at 3:00pm, for further details please speak to Angela or Perry.

Have a lovely weekend

The Raccoons team





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