Racing Racoons: This week and next

This week the children really enjoyed reading to each other their favourite stories and joining up with the Chipmunks for the gruffalo picnic.
This week Kay has been focusing on physical development, practicing our balancing and ball control. The children extended this by introducing numbers, we engaged in ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ counting footsteps and working as a group, we then brought this indoors, doing our number snake and looking at different amounts like ¼, ½ and whole.
For next week’s activities Kirsty will be focusing on Knowledge and Understanding of the World by

  • Exploring the environment
  • Creating 3D creatures
  • Using the building blocks

Kay’s children will be focusing on Creative Development by

  • Mixing different colours
  • Using coloured play dough
  • Painting
  • Using tie dye

Is there anything to bring in: Could you please bring in your plain t-shirts to decorate for Holi before Wednesday.

Everybody in the Racing Racoons would like to wish Calum a very happy birthday on 21st and say goodbye to Stacy and wish her well in her new job.

Kay will be at The Wigwam all week and will be covered by Alex from The Wigwam.

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